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We provide information necessary for choosing the right solutions for your estate needs.

Our company offers the perfect team of professions in all aspects of Estate solutions. The knowledge of each specialized team members and hardworking staff will ensure you and the heirs can have a stress free experience. We offer exceptional al cart services and provide solutions for your unique situation.

Certified Estate Specialist (CES):

A Certified Estate Specialist has advanced education in exactly how to deal with the settling of estates, from working with family members to dealing with Attorneys, Accountants and Financial Planners. Certified Estate Specialists are accustomed to dealing with other professionals, such as CPA's, tax attorneys, financial planners and family lawyers. They are familiar with the legal requirements and restrictions, and will use their knowledge to bring the greatest return to those involved in the saleGreat Western’s Estate Marketplace Team serves clients in “Transition” or life change situations. These include downsizing, settlement of estates by the executor or heirs and planning for transitions.

In addition to selling client assets, we offer other means of dividing or distributing their assets as they direct us to do. This allows our clients a single point of contact to handle all their physical assets in a coordinated and orderly manner. We work closely with other professionals such as attorneys, accountants, financial planners, bankers and others pertaining to the clients’ situation. This insures their total needs are considered while facilitating transitions.

Our family of professionals is focused on meeting the needs of each client based on their individual needs and the requirements of planning and settling an estate property.

Great Western’s Estate Marketplace Team is dedicated to providing “Old Fashion Integrity with the Cutting Edge of Technology” with comprehensive services for clients in "Life Transition” situations.

Real Estate Sales & Auctions:

Full service traditional listings & accelerated marketing techniques specifically designed to meet the needs of each client. Market Analysis, Appraisals, & property evaluation are completed by a team of Brokers, Auctioneers & Appraisers.

Personal Property Sales & Auctions:

GWAA’s Estate Marketplace team provides smart alternatives to the liquidation of assets by offering licensed personal property appraisals & sales strategies, as well as on & off site auctions & sales of personal properties and inventories.

Property Management & Leasing:

Properties in transition need management. Single family homes, rental properties, commercial or even raw land all require attention and up-keep or the property can depreciate quickly.

GWAA’s Estate Marketplace Property Management services include, but are not limited to, the following:

These and other potential obstacles are what are involved in managing properties for short and long term transitions

“Don’t let the value of real property depreciate as a result of disrepair or property abuse”

Make Ready:

Make ready is a term used to explain the process of making a property ready for sale. This service has proven to the single most economically beneficial service Estate Marketplace offers to sellers.

“Everyone knows when things show well, they sell for the MOST.”

All consumers make some level of decision on their first impression. Make Ready Service ensures that first impression is as good as possible; which results in better offers to purchase, higher bids at auction and an increased bottom line.

Examples of the Make Ready Service include but are not limited the following:

GWAA’s Estate Marketplace Team completes tasks and manages third party professionals for the Make Ready process ensuring attention to detail, fair market pricing, and the best results. Taking the stress out of handling property in a transitional phase allows the owners to focus on the whole picture and know they have the details documented and managed.

Repair and Maintenance:

Many properties have deferred maintenance or require a maintenance schedule preserve the property in the highest and best condition. Based on client goals, we will implement a service plan to complete any immediate repairs needed and schedule ongoing routine maintenance.

Estate Marketplace will oversee and manage any third party service providers and assure everyone involved are insured professionals. We make sure the job is done according to our specific plan. We will manage access to the property(s), inspect and approve all work with documentation of the completion process. No job is too small or too large.

Our top priority is to make sure every job is completed correct and to your satisfaction. With over 20 years in service to the greater Western North Carolina real estate community our affiliations save our clients money. Do you need a handy man or licensed General Contractor? We help to determine what is needed and manage the connections to getting jobs done right the first time. Unsafe electrical, dripping plumbing or health & safety issues, we handle the details to meet your goals.

Security & Inventory:

Risk is minimized by utilizing inventory services to protect valuables.

Equitable Distribution:

We facilitate equitable distribution for specific real & personal property disbursement.


We provide for the facilitation of donation delivery and documentation. We take the work out of donating and make sure the donated items get properly delivered to the correct agencies and all tax forms are properly executed.