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The Auction Advantage

Auction Sale vs. Traditional Sale

Auction Traditional
Focus on YOUR property alone Property is one of many being advertised and shown
Results in offers in 30-60 days or less May remain on market for months or years
Extensive advertising featuring your property exclusively Minimal advertising; heavy reliance on Multiple Listing Service
Buyers act on your schedule Little motivation for buyers; you wait on them
Auction provides catalyst to promote buyer interest Price reduction encouraged to create buyer interest in activity
Realizes the property's true market value. No limit on upside potential Upside potential limited by asking price
All conditions of sale set in advance, thus eliminating negotiations. Seller must negotiate all aspects of sale
Property sold without contingencies Contingencies are common
All offers are presented to the seller before and during the auction Few offers received, multiple offers at one time are rare
Eliminates guesswork in determining the asking price of property Seller risks overpricing, and thus seeing little interest, or under pricing and selling for less that the property is worth